Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

Wedding Questionnaire
Is there a chance you could be getting married outside? (this can sometimes affect audio quality and there’s little I can do about it sadly):
Are there any planned special moments outside of the ceremony? (eg you have a special guest/performer or fireworks)
Will there be anyone else talking during the ceremony other than the bride, groom and person conducting the ceremony? (eg: someone reading a poem)
Will there be anyone else talking during the speeches other than the father of the bride, groom and best man? (eg: an additional best man/mother of the bride)
These are so I can find songs close to them for your final film and helps me pick out the vibe you’re looking for.
Anything that you may find help me on the day or if there’s anything you need me to know.

Q: When will you arrive?
A: Around 2 hours before the ceremony unless agreed otherwise.